Example JPods network in Morgantown


Simulation of travel using JPods Route-Time software at a typical speed of 43 mph. Roughly, assuming you can walk there, from the Red Cross you can walk-ride-walk to:

  • Green in 5 minutes
  • Blue in 10 minutes
  • Yellow in 20 minutes


Simulation of a camera following a JPods pod traveling in Morgantown.

A 3-Minute summary of JPods

Modernizing PRT

Walter Cronkite covered Tricia Nixon opening the first digital transportation network on Oct. 24, 1972. The Morgantown PRT network has since delivered 150 million oil-free passenger-miles with only two minor injuries. Injuries on roads are 11,200 per million (link).

Problem: moving two tons to move a person

Solution: strive to move just the person